18 Jun, 2024
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Second Circuit Court of Appeals Denies Intervention in TCA Case, Citing Adequate Representation and Avoidance of Delay

This post was authored by Amy Lavine, Esq.

in Extenet Systems, LLC v. Village of Kings Pointthe Second Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the denial of eight residents’ motion to intervene in a lawsuit brought by ExteNet against the

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MI Court of Appeals Reverses Trial Court’s Decision That Property Owners Lacked Standing to Challenge a Township’s Amendment to its Zoning Ordinance.

This post originally appeared on the Dalton Tomich blog and is reposted with permission from Dan Dalton, Esq, – https://daltontomich.com/the-importance-of-zoning-notice-requirements-under-michigan-law/

in Montrief v. Macon Township Board of Trustees, the plaintiffs-landowners filed suit against the Township alleging an amended zoning ordinance

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Fed. Dist. Court in ND Says No Preliminary Injunction to Prohibit Fargo from Excluding Adult Toy Store Downtown

This post is authored by Andrew LW Peters originally appeared on the Rocky Mountain Sign Law Blog and is reposted with permission.

The Federal District Court for the District of North Dakota denied a request for a preliminary injunction that

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KY Appeals Court Finds Civil Claims Arising from Denial of Zone Map Amendment were Not Viable

This post was authored by Matthew Loescher, Esq.

Representatives of the City of Paris, Kentucky, applied for a zoning map amendment to rezone the 47 acres of property from a conservation district to light industrial. The Paris City Commission and