18 Jun, 2024
1 min read

GA Appeals Court Finds No Vested Rights and that a Valid Moratorium Existed

This post was authored by Sebastian Perez, JD

The question before the Court of Appeals of Georgia (the “Court”) was at what point a landowner had vested rights in real property where Plaintiff purchased the subject property (the “Property”) to

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GA Appeals Court Affirms that Board of Commissioners Acted in a Legislative Capacity When Placing Condition on a Rezoning and not in a Quasi-Judicial Capacity

This post was authored by Tyler Doan, Esq.

Cook Communities (Cook) bought roughly 32.6 acres of land in Hall County to build approximately 200 attached townhomes. At the time of purchase, the land was zoned for agricultural housing. Cook sought

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Seventh Circuit Upholds Sign Code Variance Procedure

This post was authored by Julie Tappendorf and Tyler Smith of Ancel Glink and originally posted in the Municipal Minute and reposted with permission

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled against a billboard company in its First Amendment